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5. The determine from background temperature and light-intensity

5. The determine from background temperature and light-intensity
4. Fresh results

Comparative evaluating are executed between the traditional finger BVP sensor and you will the device suggested when victims have been in condition off natural breathing. 5 . It means that the newest noncontact device is just like contact device since a monitor off pulse rate ( Fig. 5(a) ), therefore the difference in the outcome mentioned by the both equipment try contained in this 3beat/minute. Each other results of fresh air saturation are when you look at the an effective contract which have both ( Fig. 5(b) ).

Fig. 5 Spread spot appearing noncontact device’s aspect away from heartbeat and you will outdoors saturation rather than the newest contact device’s dimensions. (a) pulse rate. (b) outdoors saturation.

As can be seen from Fig. 5(a) , the heart rate obtained from the noncontact device proposed is generally in agreement with that of the finger BVP sensor. We have analyzed the results by Bland-Altman method in order to quantitatively describe the consistency of both devices.