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In the event that Roses Grow in Eden – Kirsten Preus

In the event that Roses Grow in Eden – Kirsten Preus

Farewell into mountains higher cover’d which have snow; Goodbye into the straths and environmentally friendly valleys lower than; Goodbye for the forest and you will crazy-hanging trees; Goodbye towards torrents and you may loud-raining flooding.

My heart’s in the Highlands, my cardio is not here; My personal heart’s throughout the Highlands, a-going after the brand new deer; A-going after the newest insane deer, and you may pursuing the roe – My heart’s on Highlands no matter where I-go.

Don’t believe out of their just like the vanished, The lady journey’s merely begun. Life retains too many facets, This world is just one. Think away from her given that asleep on sorrows in addition to tears, Inside an area away from passion and you may comfort In which there aren’t any days and you may age. Consider just how she need to be wishing That people you will definitely discover now, Just how only the depression Can really perish. And you will remember the girl once the staying in the fresh new minds of those she handled, Getting little adored was previously forgotten And you will she was enjoyed so much.

(thank-you Kirsten having getting in touch with us to let me know that you’re writer of it charming poem, and also for providing me personally a correct name of your own poem)

Poem for Wayne – Samuel Slope, age ten

A single little look to your eden Is all I’m asking for now. I just need to know how Wayne’s carrying out And you can paradise seems thus far out.

Try he playing towards clouds with angels? Try he laughing and delighted today?